Blazing Dragons

Crystal Dynamics/Mindscape
Release Date: 

BLAZING DRAGONS is the title of a popular British cartoon series,the brainchild of Monty Python's Terry Jones.A coinciding graphic adventure video game was released for the original Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn in 1996 by Crystal Dynamics.The video game features the voice talents of several celebrities.In the game you control a young dragon named "Flicker" who lives in Camelhot castle and is in love with the Princess Flame,but is not eligible to ask her her hand in marriage because he is not a dragon knight.However,the King has announced a dragon tournament where the winner will not only win the princess but also become the new king.As a young "Flicker",you must collect various objects and interact with an eccentric cast of dragon and human characters in order to solve puzzles.Your overall quest is to become a dragon knight so that you can compete in the grand tournament and win the heart of Princess Flame.However,you soon discover an evil human plot to take over the kingdom by kidnapping the princess...