Dark Savior

Sega/Climax Entertainment
Release Date: 

DARK SAVIOR is an isometric 3D action role-playing game for the Sega Saturn created by Climax Entertainment.The gameplay in Dark Savior consists of three different modes:an exploration mode with platform jumping and puzzle solving elements,a combat mode and town sections in which the character talks with NPCs.Dark Savior hosted a unique parallel system.At the start of the game,the player has access to three of the game's parallel storylines.Garian,a bounty hunter from the country of Rajeen,is hired to accompany the monster Bilan as he is taken as a prisoner to Jailer's Island across the ocean on a ship.When Jack,Garian's talking bird,informs Garian that Bilan has escaped from his cage,Garian sets out to stop Bilan who has made his way to the captain's cabin.Depending on how fast the player manages to traverse the first level and reach the captain's cabin will determine which parallel story will proceed...