Deep Fear

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DEEP FEAR is a 1998 survival horror video game for the Sega Saturn.It is notable for being the last Sega Saturn game released in Europe and Deep Fear was only released in Japan and Europe.It borrows many aspects from Capcom's Resident Evil such as the use of first-aid sprays as the player's sole healing item and a significant dependency on firearms.But the game offered many unique gameplay features such as buttons that allow the player to use items in real-time and the ability to walk and run while armed.Deep Fear takes place 300 meters under the Pacific Ocean in a naval fueling and research facility known as the Big Table(SSB-01).Players assume the role of John Mayor,an ex-Navy SEAL who resigned and joined forces with a civilian rescue group known as the ERS(Emergency Rescue Services).The atmosphere of Deep Fear is unique in the sense that it combines both silence and tension as its core fear factor.Throughout the game,players will hear the ambience of the ocean just outside the base as a deep and constant hum,much like the musical score.The music was composed by Kenji Kawai.The creatures and characters were designed by Manga artist Yasushi Nirasawa...