Die Hard Arcade

Sega/Sega AM1
Release Date: 

DIE HARD ARCADE is the licensed American/European version of the Japanese videogame Dynamite Deka.The game is a beat 'em up with loose ties to the Die Hard movie series of the same name.It is a 1-2 player game in which the male and/or female characters fight through action-packed levels to save the president's daughter from a band of terrorists.The game is played by fighting your way through waves of enemies,using your fists,feet and a ludicrous variety of weapons.You progress through the requisite enemies and bosses with cutscenes interspersed into the action.Various cutscenes in the game contain Quick Time Event sequences in which the player must press a particular button within a short time limit to alter the impending scene.The game was created simultaneously for the Sega Titan Arcade system and Sega Saturn but the home version was released later...