Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES is a role playing video game exclusively produced for Nintendo Gamecube by SquareEnix.It is the first Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo console since Final Fantasy VI.The game follows the quest of various fictional races to replenish the magic crystals that keep them safe from the miasma of poisonous gas that has enveloped their world.Many new gameplay elements were included in this game,such as real time fighting as well as being the first RPG to incorporate Gamecube/Game Boy Advance compatibility.The most unusual aspect of Crystal Chronicles is that up to four players can play at once using a Game Boy Advance(GBA) connected to the Gamecube via a Nintendo Gamecube Game Boy Advance cable.The music was composed by Kumi Tanioka.The game got very high scores from the game magazines with its beautiful visuals,music and real time fighting gameplay...