Final Fight 3

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FINAL FIGHT 3 is a 1995 fighting action game released by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.It is the second sequel to Final Fight released for the SNES.The game was titled as Final Fight Tough in Japan.The player has a choice between four characters:Guy and Haggar from the original Final Fight return,along with new heroes Lucia and Dean.As in the previous Final Fight games,each character has their own set moves,techniques and abilities unique to their character.Like in Final Fight 2, the game can be played alone or with a second player along with an additional game mode that allows a single player be accompanied by a CPU-controlled partner.The player can now dash and performing dashing attacks or dashing jump attacks like in the previous Capcom beat-em-up Captain Commando.The player also has a Super Move gauge which fills up as the player performs their regular attacks against enemy.There's a total of six stages in the game,each with their unique boss character.The stages in the game feature multiple paths that changes the areas the player will visit as well as the enemies and bosses they encounter.The game's ending changes depending on the character the player is using,the path taken to reach the end of the game and the difficulty setting...