Sony Computer Entertainment/Harmonix
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FREQUENCY is a music video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems and published by Sony.In the game,a player portrays a virtual avatar called a "FreQ" and travels down an octagonal tunnel with each wall containing a musical track.These tracks contain sequences of notes.As the player hits buttons corresponding to the note placement on the track,the "sonic energy" from within is released and the music plays.If the player plays two measures of the track without any errors,the track is "captured" and the music plays automatically until the next pre-determined section of the song.Some tracks are bonus tracks and only open up when all notes are played,allowing the user to pick up "freestyle" points.Powerups are available which allow the immediate capturing of the track or the doubling of points.If a player continually misses notes,their energy meter reduces until the game is over.Frequency allowed players to create remixes of any of the songs in the game.In the European version,there is one extra song on first stage,called "Reeload - Why"...