Harley's Humongous Adventure

Hi-Tech/Visual Concepts
Release Date: 

HARLEY'S HUMONGOUS ADVENTURE is a platform video game originally developed by Visual Concepts.The player controls Harley,a man in a green suit who shrunk himself to size of a bar of soap.The player's mission is to gather parts of Harley's now destroyed shrinking machine to return him to normal size.As the player advances through levels,they pick items such as tacks,rubberbands and marbles.The many locations that player adventures through is Harry's lab where the initial incident occurs,Harry's kitchen,Harry's toy room where you pilot a toy tank yourself,Harry's bathroom,etc.Enemies include flies,bees,ants and the main boss is a deformed rat that tries to jump on the player and after each encounter utilizes a household item for the limb he lost in the last encounter...