Mario's Time Machine

Mindscape/Radical Entertainment
Release Date: 

MARIO'S TIME MACHINE is a video game published by Mindscape which is the unofficial sequel of Mario Is Missing game.The game was released for Super NES,NES and PC.In this game,Mario has to go back in time to restore some artifacts that were stolen from their original times and,in the NES version,save Yoshi from Bowser.It was released as an educational game rather than a classic Mario style platform game.The story is set in 1993,Bowser is in possession of a time machine.He went back in time to steal many artifacts from the past and placed them in what he would consider "...the greatest museum of all time".If the items aren't returned soon,history will be changed permanently.It's up to Mario to stop Bowser from completing his collection.The SNES version made use of the Mode 7 graphics but even so it is one of the worst Mario games ever made...