Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Release Date: 

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 is the fourth and final game in the Marvel Vs Capcom series of fighting games in which characters created by Marvel Comics and Capcom's own characters appear together.With the final game of the series,Capcom simplified the gameplay so that it would be more accessible to casual players.Changes were made to the air combo system and the button configuration was trimmed down to 4 main buttons and 2 assist buttons.The game also features 3 on 3 tag,compared to the 2 on 2 tag from previous games in the series.It is the only game in the series to use the Sega NAOMI board in the arcade version.This is the first and only Marvel Vs Capcom game without character-specific endings.Dreamcast version was very identical to the arcade version because of the same architecture of Sega NAOMI board and Sega Dreamcast.Marvel Vs Capcom 2 saw a limited print run and it is one of the rarest PAL games for Sega Dreamcast...