Mega Man X6

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MEGA MAN X6 is the sixth main game in the Mega Man X series by Capcom and is the first to not be directed by series creator Keiji Inafune.The story begins three weeks after Mega Man X5 with Zero missing,presumed dead and the Earth's surface rendered uninhabitable.Rumors are spreading through the Reploid World of a Maverick named the Zero Nightmare,a Reploid of pure evil that is spreading chaos throughout the world.X,curious about this Maverick and angered by its use of his late friend’s name,seeks him out.The gameplay is very similar to Mega Man X5.The player can select X with the option to outfit him with different armors offering unique abilities.Zero can be unlocked after finding and defeating the Zero Nightmare,bringing his own weapons and techniques to the fold,including a refined Z-Saber fighting style.Both characters can be equipped with various power-up items earned after rescuing a reploid.The opening song is "Moon Light" and "The Answer" by Showtaro Morikubo, the voice actor for X.The ending theme is "I.D.E.A" by RoST.This is one of the few X games to have the opening song appear in both the Japanese and English versions...