Mortal Kombat 3

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MORTAL KOMBAT 3 is the third game in the Mortal Kombat series released in arcades in 1995.It was ported to Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in the same year.Mortal Kombat 3 builds further on the gameplay of the previous game.A "Run" button with a "Run" meter was introduced.For the first time, certain levels were interactive by allowing characters to be uppercutted through the ceiling where both characters would continue the battle in a different stage.All of the different style of finishing moves featured in Mortal Kombat II(Fatalities,Babalities and Friendships) return in Mortal Kombat 3.Additionally,the Animality where the character transforms into an animal in order to kill their opponent,is featured for the first time.Many of the game's backgrounds are created using pre-rendered 3D graphics.This change is also reflected in the sound track in which all Oriental motifs have been dropped in favour of modern instrumentation...