Phantasy Star 4

Sega/Sega AM7
Release Date: 

PHANTASY STAR 4 is a role playing game produced by Sega in 1995 and the last installment in the Phantasy Star series on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.Phantasy Star 4 combines anime-style artwork,an in-depth storyline and interplanetary exploration within an epic quest of good versus evil.Phantasy Star 4 added a number of innovative features,such as pre-programmable combat manoeuvers called "Macros",combination attacks between two or more characters and manga-style panel illustrations for major cutscenes.Phantasy Star 4 is also the first game in the series to have in-depth character interaction and development.The game takes place in the year AW 2284.It is the story of Chaz Ashley,a young bounty hunter who along with his friends and allies,unwittingly becomes the savior of the Algo solar system.The story takes place on the planet Motavia which has suffered through dramatic climate changes over the past 1,000 years...