Phantasy Star Online Episode 3

Sega/Sonic Team
Release Date: 

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE EPISODE 3 is a video game exclusively released for the Nintendo Gamecube by Sega.It has a card based play style,making it unique among games in the Phantasy Star Online series.The story of the game takes place twenty-one years after Episodes I and 2.In Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1&2,the spaceship Pioneer 2 arrived at the uninhabited planet Ragol in hopes of colonization in response to the failing ecosystem of the home planet Coral.In Episode 3,Pioneer 2 remains in orbit above Ragol but still has not begun colonization.The inner strife of the government of Pioneer 2 which has since gained independence from Coral,in addition to the exploitation of the planet's resources prevent colonization.Games are played either against computer players or against real-world players,using a customizable deck of exactly 30 cards.In the offline story mode,players fight against computer controlled opponents to unlock new missions and advance the story.In the online mode players battle each other under customizable settings.There is also an offline free battle mode which allows multiplayer battles for up to four players offline.Battles are turn-based and take place on a grid of varying size...