Phantasy Star Online Version 2

Sega/Sonic Team
Release Date: 

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE VERSION 2 is an online RPG title originally released for Dreamcast in 2001 first in Japan.This version was intended to be released as a patch for the initial Sega Dreamcast release,Phantasy Star Online.Phantasy Star Online Version 2 allowed users to connect to the internet either with an OEM 56k/33.6k modem or the BBA(Broadband Adapter).Several improvements were added to the game.The maximum character level was increased from 100 to 200.An online battle mode with several different rule variations was added.A challenge mode was added,requiring players to work together as a team to solve each area.If the player finished all nine stages under a certain time limit,they were given the opportunity to choose a weapon and name it.An "Ultimate" difficulty was added with considerably stronger monsters...