Secret Of Mana

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SECRET OF MANA is an action role-playing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System developed and published by Square.It was titled as Seiken Densetsu 2:The Legend of the Holy Sword 2 in Japan.Secret of Mana is the sequel to Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy and the second installment in the Mana video game series.Secret of Mana utilizes real-time battles akin to the Legend of Zelda series also employing typical elements of the RPG genre and a unique "Ring Command" menu system.With its brightly-colored graphics,expansive plot and acclaimed soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta,Secret of Mana is considered an influential game of its time.Secret of Mana is comprised entirely of a top-down perspective in which three player characters:the hero,the girl and the sprite navigate the terrain and fight off hostile creatures.The story takes place in a fictional world,during an unspecified period following a war between a civilization and "gods" concerning the use of mana to fuel the "Mana Fortress",a flying warship.Secret of Mana was directed and designed by Koichi Ishii.The game's soundtrack was composed by Hiroki Kikuta...