Sega Rally Championship

Sega/Sega AM3
Release Date: 

SEGA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP is originally a 1995 arcade racing game developed by AM5 on the Sega Model 2 board.It was later ported over to the Sega Saturn by AM3.The unique selling point of Sega Rally was the ability to drive on different surfaces with different friction properties,with the car's handling changing accordingly.There are 4 tracks in the game namely:Desert,Forest,Mountain and the hidden Lakeside course.Two cars are featured in the game:the Toyota Celica GT-Four and the Lancia Delta HF Integrale.There is also a hidden car,the Lancia Stratos.The Stratos is only unlocked if the extra Lakeside track is completed in first place.Then it may be used in any of the game's modes(championship,time attack and split-screen multiplayer).Sega Rally Championship was one of the biggest hits on Sega Saturn...