Star Wars Episode 1:Battle For Naboo

Lucas Arts/Factor 5
Release Date: 

STAR WARS EPISODE 1:BATTLE FOR NABOO is a video game from the fictional Star Wars universe.In this game,the player plays levels which tie into the movie Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace.The player plays a Naboo leader,Lt. Gavyn Sykes in the fight against the Trade Federation.It was the first Star Wars game to put people on the front lines in tanks and other assorted land vehicles.Throughout the game the player controls various ships and vehicles of both Naboo and Trade Federation origin,each with differing attributes in weaponry,defense,acceleration etc.The game is broken up into individual levels which the player must complete to move on.Once the player is done with a level they are ranked based on how well s/he completed it.The rank system is based on four medals:bronze,silver,gold and platinum.Based on how many and what types of medals are earned,the player is given a corresponding rank such as Ensign or General...