Stella Deus:The Gate Of Eternity

505 GameStreet/Atlus
Release Date: 

STELLA DEUS:THE GATE OF ETERNITY is a video game published by Atlus in North America and by 505 GameStreet in Europe exclusively for Sony Playstation 2.It is a tactical RPG genre game with highly stylized artwork and animated cutscenes.Stella Deus is marketed as a spiritual sequel to Hoshigami:Ruining Blue Earth video game which was developed for Sony Playstation.The player is presented with a grid-based map and can deploy up to six characters with which to complete the map's objective.Characters and enemies must be moved to close physical proximity before they can attack each other and maneuvering around or behind an enemy can decrease the likelihood of them dodging.Outside of battle,the player is given the option to manage and customize the characters' equipment,passive skills and active abilities.Stella Deus takes place in a world called Solum which is slowly being swallowed by "Miasma",a mist-like substance that destroys all life it touches.Stella Deus has a total of 21 recruitable characters and Spero is the main character...