The Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time

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THE LEGEND OF ZELDA:OCARINA OF TIME is an action-adventure game released by Nintendo which was originally developed for Nintendo 64DD at the beginning.Instead the game was released as 32 Megabits game pak.It is the fifth game in The Legend of Zelda series in terms of release but is set before the first four games.The player controls the character Link in the land of Hyrule.Link sets out on a quest to stop Ganondorf,King of the Gerudo from obtaining the Triforce,a sacred relic that grants the wishes of its holder.Link travels through time and navigates several dungeons to awaken sages who have the power to seal Ganondorf.Music plays an important role to progress and the player learns several songs for Link to play on his ocarina or the Ocarina of Time.This was the first 3D Zelda game produced and got very high scores from the game magazines.Ocarina of Time's music was composed by famous composer Koji Kondo...