Tombi! 2

Sony Computer Entertainment/Whoopee Camp
Release Date: 

TOMBI! 2 is a 3D platform game created by a small game studio Whoopee Camp.The game was titled as Tomba! 2:The Evil Swine Return in North America and Tomba:The Wild Adventures in Japan.The story of the game is as a young man named Tomba was living peacefully in the village when all of a sudden a letter arrived.Tomba opened it and his old friend Zippo appeared.Zippo informs Tomba that his girlfriend Tabby,has been kidnapped by the Evil Pigs who have sworn revenge on Tomba for defeating them.Many game reviewers gave high scores to Tombi! 2 and it is still said that Tombi! 2 has the best graphics in a 3D platform game for Playstation.The game studio Whoopee Camp was closed after this game and still Tombi! 2 is one of the rarest and most valuable games for Playstation...