Virtua Striker 2 Version 2000.1

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VIRTUA STRIKER 2 VERSION 2000.1 is an updated version of the popular arcade game Virtua Striker 2 by Sega.It was first launched in the arcades on the Sega Naomi board and was later ported to Sega Dreamcast.The game features 3D real-time graphics and arcade play.Virtua Striker 2 Version 2000.1's graphics was ahead of its time and its simple play mechanics made it popular in the arcades.There are three hidden teams in the Sega Dreamcast version named as F.C Sega,MVP Yuki Chan team and Royal MVP Genki team.F.C Sega compromises of the developers,while Yuki Chan/Genki appear as strange cartoon characters.The original music for the team selection from Virtua Striker 1 also featured in this version...