Wild Arms

Sony Computer Entertainment/Media Vision
Release Date: 

WILD ARMS is a role-playing game developed by software company Media Vision exclusively for Sony Playstation.It is noteworthy being one of the first role-playing video games on the Playstation and one of the few to feature a Western American setting and motif.The game features two-dimensional graphics for normal gameplay while battle sequences are rendered in 3D.The story takes place in the fantasy world of Filgaia,Wild Arms follows the adventures of a band of miscreants and adventurers called Dream Chasers who scour the world in search of excitement and fortune.The player must assume control of a young boy named Rudy who has the ability to operate powerful weapons called Ancient Relic Machines (ARMs),forbidden remnants of a lost age that resemble guns.Wild Arms' soundtrack was composed entirely by Michiko Naruke and is heavily inspired by American westerns,featuring instrumentation from mandolins,acoustic and electric guitars,finger cymbals,trumpets...