Breath Of Fire 2

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BREATH OF FIRE 2 is a console role-playing game developed and published by Capcom.Breath of Fire 2 is a direct sequel to Breath of Fire and is set 500 years after the original game.The story centers on an orphan named Ryu Bateson whose family vanished mysteriously long ago.After his friend is falsely accused of a crime,Ryu embarks on a journey to clear his name.The core structure of the game is very similar to Breath of Fire,consisting of four modes of play:the world map,the field map,a menu screen and a battle screen.The world map is seen through an aerial view display in which players freely navigate across a small-scale version of the game world.Enemies are randomly encountered while traveling though field maps or the world map.As the player character moves around,other members of his traveling party walk behind him in a line.There are 8 main playable characters in Breath Of Fire 2 and the player controls Ryu Bateson as the main character...