Dynamite Headdy

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DYNAMITE HEADDY is a platform video game released in 1994 by Sega and produced by Treasure.In the game you play as the star puppet Headdy who can attack his enemies by shooting his detachable head at them.Headdy's special ability is his launchable head.This can be fired in eight directions.Launching it at enemies can damage or destroy them.His head can also be used to hold on to a "HangMan",a character that acts like a hook.By grabbing a HangMan with your head,the player can then use it to hurl themselves in its direction as if connected by an elastic band.Headdy can also swap his head for a special head, if he attacks a HeadCase. Depending on the symbol that the HeadCase is showing,Headdy will get a different head with a different special power.The North American and European versions are dramatically more difficult than the Japanese version...