Namco Museum 50th Anniversary

Release Date: 

NAMCO MUSEUM 50TH ANNIVERSARY is a classics video game compilation created by Namco in favor of their 50th year celebration.There are 16 games in the compilation which are:Pac-Man(1980),Ms. Pac-Man(1981),Galaga(1981),Galaxian(1979),Dig Dug(1982),Pole Position(1982),Pole Position II(1983),Rolling Thunder (1986),Rally-X(1980),Bosconian(1981),Dragon Spirit(1987),Sky Kid(1985),Xevious(1982),Mappy(1983),Pac-Mania(1987) and Galaga '88(1987).Pac-Mania and Galaga '88 are locked games and require high scores to be available.Nintendo Gamecube version allows the player to view the "waiting for start" sequences by pressing the Z button with good timing just as the selected game starts.This collection also features five songs from the 1980s:"Come on Eileen","Working for the Weekend","She Drives Me Crazy","Talking in Your Sleep" and "Joystick" which are played in the game selection menu...