Final Fantasy 7

Sony Computer Entertainment/Squaresoft
Release Date: 

FINAL FANTASY 7 is the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy series produced by Squaresoft in 1997 and the game is the first in the series to use 3D computer graphics,featuring fully rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds.The game is set in a dystopian world,Final Fantasy VII's story centers on the powerful megacorporation Shinra which is draining the life of the planet to use as an energy source.Players follow a young mercenary named Cloud Strife who joins with several others to stop Shinra.Later in the story,Sephiroth develops a plan to summon a meteor with the intention of injuring the planet to a point where it would gather massive amounts of its life force in one spot.This would allow Sephiroth to collect all the life force and gain control of all living beings.The music was scored by Final Fantasy veteran Nobuo Uematsu while the series' long-time character designer,Yoshitaka Amano was replaced by Tetsuya Nomura.Final Fantasy VII consists of three basic gameplay modes:an overworld map,town and dungeon field maps and a battle screen.Final Fantasy 7 Is the best selling game in the series so far...