Ubi Soft/Game Arts
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GRANDIA is a console role-playing game and the first title in the Grandia series developed by Game Arts originally for the Sega Saturn in 1997.It was later ported to Sony Playstation.The story of Grandia takes place in a period of steadily-advancing technology,much like the Industrial Revolution.The task of excavating ruins has been taken over by the Garlyle Forces,a military organization that seizes powerful relics for its own benefit.One of these items falls into the hands of Justin,a would-be adventurer from the town of Parm.Guided by a holographic image coming from the relic,he resolves to venture outside his hometown to find the mythical city of Alent.Grandia's environments are depicted as three-dimensional maps with characters represented by 2-D animated bitmap sprites.The camera is fully rotational and follows the party from an angled third-person perspective...