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IKARUGA is a scrolling-shooter video game developed by Treasure.It was released in the arcades in 2001 on Sega's NAOMI system and was ported to Dreamcast in Japan.It is a spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun.The gameplay consists of shooting enemies who come in one of two polarities:either black or white.The player's ship can be either polarity and can be switched at will.Ikaruga's gameplay centers primarily around the polarity mechanic.Only bullets of an opposite polarity can kill the player.Same-color bullets are absorbed and converted into energy for the game's special weapon a homing laser.Switching the ship's polarity also changes the color of the ship's bullets and shooting an enemy using opposite-polarity bullets will cause double damage.Thus,much of the challenge of Ikaruga comes from careful polarity-switching.Ikaruga features full three-dimensional landscapes and a soundtrack.Ikaruga features a two-player simultaneous mode,an in-depth slow-motion tutorial mode,with stage tutorials becoming accessible to players who reach them in the main game,and an in-game art gallery featuring character and mechanical designs by Yasushi Suzuki(the designer of Sin and Punishment for the Nintendo 64)...