Panzer Dragoon Saga

Sega/Team Andromeda
Release Date: 

PANZER DRAGOON SAGA is a role-playing video game released exclusively for the Sega Saturn in 1998.It was the third Panzer Dragoon game in the series.It is the only Panzer Dragoon game that remains not to be a rail shooter.The game was titled as Azel:Panzer Dragoon RPG in Japan.The player controls Edge,a young hunter as he attempts to free the world from the will of the Ancients with the help of a powerful flying dragon.The game blends strategic semi-realtime combat with free-roaming exploratory sequences.Like the other Panzer Dragoon games,the game is notable for its unique art direction,soundtrack and for its unusual world,story and characters.The player uses a combination of puzzle-solving and strategic thinking with frequent interaction with non-player characters to progress in the game and further the story.Combat plays a large part in the game with common small enemies and story-centric boss opponents standing in Edge’s way.The game comes in 4 cds packaged with many cut-scenes throughout the game.The unique and ambient sound of the music was composed by Saori Kobayashi and Mariko Nanba...