Project Zero 2 Crimson Butterfly

Ubi Soft/Tecmo
Release Date: 

PROJECT ZERO 2:CRIMSON BUTTERFLY is the second survival horror video game in the Project Zero series.The game was titled as Fatal Frame 2:Crimson Butterfly in Japan.Project Zero 2 was not released in North America.The series deals with ghosts,exorcism and dark Shinto rituals.The main object of the game is to solve a mystery which is linked to Japanese folklore.The player's main enemies are ghosts;a few are friendly but most are not.The only form of defense is a camera obscura which allows the player to exorcise ghosts by taking a picture of them and seal their spirit in the film.The game story centers around two sisters.Twin sisters Mio Amakura and Mayu Amakura are visiting a childhood play spot when Mayu follows a mysterious crimson butterfly deep into the woods.Concerned for her twin,Mio follows Mayu and the two girls are led to a lost village.When they reach the lost village they enter a house to find the camera obscura.Mio and Mayu have to uncover the mystery behind the Forbidden Crimson Ritual and why the village is cursed...