Legacy Of Kain:Soul Reaver

Eidos/Crystal Dynamics
Release Date: 

LEGACY OF KAIN:SOUL REAVER is a third-person adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos.It is the second game in the Legacy of Kain series.Taking place 1500 years after the events of the first game Blood Omen,Soul Reaver chronicles the journey of the vampire-turned-wraith Raziel,lieutenant to the vampire lord Kain.Raziel is killed by Kain and returns from the dead to exact revenge,revived by The Elder God to become his "soul reaver".Raziel shares this title with Kain's sword,Soul Reaver which he acquires during the game.The gameplay in Soul Reaver relies largely on shifting between the two planes of existence;the physical material realm and the ghostly spectral realm.The music for Soul Reaver was composed by Kurt Harland with other audio work including some music handled by Jim Hedges...