Resident Evil

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RESIDENT EVIL is a remake of the original Sony Playstation video game released in 1996.The game is notable for its nearly photo-realistic environments which are pre-rendered.The remake features all-new graphics and sound and also incorporates gameplay elements from the later installments such as the use of body language and the 180-degree turn,a new running style which was also used in Resident Evil Zero and several new areas and rooms were also added to the game.The overall plot remains largely unchanged.The original live-action FMV segments were redone in CG with the voice acting done by a different cast.The script was rewritten to have a more serious tone and improved translation.The gameplay mechanics are largely the same although most of the puzzles have been changed and the player can equip a defensive weapon that can be used when seized by an enemy.Additionally,the remake features many unlockable game modes,secrets and various endings not found in the original.It also restores the George Trevor subplot and splices other main characters of the Resident Evil plot,such as William Birkin and Alexia Ashford into the game's backstory...