Samba De Amigo Version 2000

Sega/Sonic Team
Release Date: 

SAMBA DE AMIGO VERSION 2000 is a rhythm game originally developed by Sonic Team and released in 2000 by Sega in arcades and for the Dreamcast video game console.It was only released in Japan.As the name suggests,it is more of an upgrade than a sequel.14 new songs have been added as well as six new downloadable songs for the home version.In the original Samba De Amigo game,there were only three songs to choose in each stage,this version allows the player to choose several.A new character named Amiga joins the cast.She is Amigo's sister and wields a tambourine.In the home version,a new volleyball game replaces the original minigames.Survival Mode was also added where the player must finish as many songs in a row as they can.In addition,the Challenge Mode has new goals as well as five new "Secret" stages that are quite difficult...