Shenmue 2

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SHENMUE 2 is an adventure game for the Dreamcast by Sega and it is the sequel to Shenmue.It was produced and directed by Yu Suzuki of Sega AM2.Shenmue 2 was not released in North America due to exclusivity rights obtained by Microsoft for XBOX console.The European release included English subtitles and Japanese speech unlike the first version.Shenmue II begins shortly after the first installment concluded.While Shenmue told the story of the 1st chapter of the saga,the second game tells the story of the third,fourth, and fifth chapters.The second chapter happens between Shenmue and Shenmue II during Ryo Hazuki's trip from Yokosuka to Hong Kong and is just mentioned during the beginning of the game.Shenmue II initially takes place in Hong Kong.The final chapter of the game takes place in picturesque Guilin,located in China...