Shining Force 2

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SHINING FORCE 2 is a tactical role-playing game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console developed by Sonic Software Planning in 1994 and is a sequel to the original Shining Force game.The storyline in both games are not directly connected.The game is much longer than the first and is more free-roaming.There is no chapter system like in the original so the player can return to most parts of the world that he/she had been to before.There is also a larger number of playable characters giving you plenty of options on how to build your Force.Shining Force II gameplay is similar to its predecessor and it's considered to be relatively simple compared to other tactical RPGs.There are two forms of gameplay during the game:Exploration and battles.The player can walk around,interact with people and set the members and equipment of the army.It is also possible to find a headquarters in some towns where you can inspect and talk with the other allies...