Virtua Racing Deluxe

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VIRTUA RACING is originally a Formula 1 racing arcade game developed by Sega-AM2.It is one of the first driving games to use fully polygonal characters and environments.The game was titled as Virtua Racing Deluxe for Sega 32X video game console.Originally Virtua Racing has three levels,designated into difficulties.Beginner is "Big Forest",intermediate is "Bay Bridge" and expert is "Acropolis".Each level has its own special feature,for example the amusement park in "Big Forest" or the "Bay Bridge" itself or the tight hairpin of "Acropolis".But the Sega 32X version included two extra cars("Stock" and "Prototype") and two new tracks("Highland" and "Sand Park").Virtua Racing also introduced the "V.R. View System" by allowing the player to choose one of four views to play the game...