Killer Instinct

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KILLER INSTINCT is a fighting game developed by Rare and published by Midway and Nintendo initially for the arcades.It was ported to Super Nintendo in 1994 by Rare.Killer Instinct plays like many other fighting games,in which the player controls a character in order to beat an opponent in a one-on-one encounter.The game borrows the attack set of Street Fighter and is also inspired by the finishing moves from Mortal Kombat.The uniqueness of Killer Instinct comes from the ultra combos usually surpassing 20 hits,and can sometimes reach upwards of 80+ hits.The game used pre-rendered sprites for characters created with Silicon Graphics Incorporated computers.However the Super NES version was inferior to the arcade version.The graphic detail was vastly reduced and the onscreen characters were smaller.The stages with a 3-d panning camera were simplified into a 2-d panning view using parallax scrolling for the background.Zooming and scaling were removed.Some of the stages were redesigned or dropped from this version.The famous full motion videos that showed the characters after a victory were replaced by still images.Voice samples and sound effects were shortened.The Super Nintendo version was packaged with a 16 track music CD entitled Killer Cuts featuring arrangements of music from the game.Killer Instinct was not released in Japan...