Secret Of Evermore

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SECRET OF EVERMORE is a role-playing game for Super Nintendo Entertainment System released by Squaresoft.The game was only released in North America and Europe/Australia.The story follows a boy and his pet dog as they are inadvertently transported to a fantasy world created by an eccentric inventor.The gameplay shares many similarities with Secret of Mana,such as real-time battles,a ring-shaped menu system,and the ability to switch control between the characters.The player guides both the boy and his shapeshifting dog through Evermore,a world that is composed of separate realms each resembling a different period of real-world history.Control can be passed between the two characters to solve various puzzles.A unique element to Secret of Evermore is its system of magic.In order to use magic,the boy must be given an Alchemic Formula by one of many non-playable characters called Alchemists in the game.The music score for Secret of Evermore was composed by the Jeremy Soule...